Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday reading November 22nd, 2009

Why a Market Crash Doesn’t Matter: People who are worried about whether the stock market will crash or not are worried about a generality. In contrast, the world’s most successful investors are known to deal solely with specifics.

More Stocks May Not Make a Portfolio Safer: Not putting all your eggs in one basket is the most basic principle of investing. It also may be the hardest to get right.

What if a Recovery Is All in Your Head?: Beyond fiscal stimulus and government bailouts, the economic recovery that appears under way may be based on little more than self-fulfilling prophecy.

Exit strategies: the international dimension: Intervention by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, Euro50 Group Meeting
Is there still a paradigm for monetary policy today? Paris, 20 November 2009

Economists: Wrong Again: As if they didn't cause enough damage by espousing theories that failed to account for the inefficiencies and irrationalities of the real world, many economists are advocating aggressive spend-and-borrow policies to revive the financial crisis-hit U.S. economy that reflect an astonishing degree of naïveté and ivory tower hubris.

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