Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend reading September 27th

Euro May Rise, Bunds Fall, After Merkel Wins German Re-Election: The euro may advance and bunds fall after Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and the Free Democrats, her preferred allies, won enough votes to form a government, stoking speculation of a stronger economic recovery.

Taleb Questions Talent of Wall St. Analysts: As Nassim Nicholas Taleb testified before Congress in the clip shown below, the Banking Industry has lost every dollar they’ve ever made in history and then some, and their only real talent is paying themselves bonuses. Enjoy the clip..

Men’s Underwear as an Economic Indicator: You can seek your answers from Wall Street, government statistics or the latest predictions from hoary old economists. But why not examine your underwear, stand in line at the movies, or peer into your neighbor’s vegetable garden?

Why Concentration in the Banking Industry Threatens Our Economy: Economists and other financial experts could provide many reasons why concentration is dangerous. Certainly, their very size distorts the markets and limits the growth of smaller banks. and the economy cannot fundamentally recover while the giants continue to drag our economy down the drain.

Everybody's Lying to You: You don't have to go far to catch an earful of big-fish stories and half-baked forecasts coming out of Wall Street, Washington, and the boob tube.

Interview with Corriere della Sera: Interview by Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the ECB conducted on 23 September 2009 by Marika de Feo, Corriere della Sera

Stocks at a tipping point ahead of crucial week: This week brings key reports on jobs, manufacturing and housing -- and a chance for investors to jump back in or bail out even more.

Wells Fargo: Ready To Blow?: Buying Wachovia was strategically astute but financially messy.

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