Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend reading 19 September

Now Even Millionaires Can See the Benefits of Budgeting: Someone with $100 million has nothing to fear, not even fear itself.

Measuring what matters: Man does not live by GDP alone. A new report urges statisticians to capture what people do live by

The Coming Financial Time Bomb: Maybe you've heard this popular myth: A major cause of the financial crisis was boneheaded Wall Street compensation packages unaligned with shareholder interests

Recovery prompts fear of bubble: Record low interest rates and vast amounts of money pumped into economies by central banks has translated into surging asset values across financial markets, raising the prospect of a new speculative bubble.

Pound 'will fall to parity with euro': Sterling weakened yesterday to close at just over 90p to the euro for the first time in four months, amid renewed concern over the state of the British banking system.

Internal Audit: The Continuous Conundrum: A generally accepted definition of "continuous auditing" remains elusive, and expert practitioners remain rare. Here are some tips from the trenches for getting a program going.

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