Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alerts for indices

I just finished a small application that tracks the movement of indices versus the last closing and versus the closing of 2008. Alerts are given for 1% intervals up or down. It is currently only active for some European indices. At the moment I am showing only the AEX, AMX, Bel-20 and CAC 40. Click here to follow.

I have also added the main US indices. Click here to follow.

I have no idea how many alerts will be given in a day, and this will obviously depend on the market volatility. I am not really happy with all the alerts around a percentage point. Let's see how it works, and maybe I'll adjust it later.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Financial data through Twitter

We have just begun submitting some financial information through Twitter, and hope you will find this an exciting way of getting information delivered to you. Please be aware the application is still very much under construction, and there may be interruptions, occasional wrong data, delayed information or other time intervals.

Currently indices available in the following intervals:

We will also add special data, derived from market data, relating to various subject like interest rates and mergers.

Currently we have available: